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Woah! More new albums from Death Walrus & Monstieur! Check them out! Stalin Swan Dive + Hookers, Hobos, Weirdos, & Freaks!

Monstieur live… again?! 2/11/13

January 27, 2013

hey guys! well i am playing another show at the handlebar. this time i’ll be opening for the band RICKETT PASS. i’ll be playing live with my trusty tape recorder. here is a picture from the last show i played with LOOKA LOOKA LOOKA.

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 9.31.32 PM


anyways. so the show is on monday, feb. 11. 2013. at the handlebar. and here is the mini comic for the show:


Monstieur Show @ The Handlebar!

December 28, 2012


I am playing a solo show soon in Greenville, SC. I’ve been practicing for days now. Actually, rather than practice, i decided to make a minicomic to advertise the show.



Hopefully when you click on it it appears large enough to read. If not then i’ll probably be too lazy to fix it.

I am opening for the band LOOKA LOOKA LOOKAat the handlebar in greenville sc
on Monday, Jan. 14th @ 8 o clock.


well. that’s all


November 19, 2012

For the lot of us

November 19, 2012

We all go walking.  It will do what it can.  The few of us keep walking.  And keep walking.  And keep walking.  Sidewalks will cease.  Roads will end.  Borders will close.  There always seems to be a way around the detours that is more satisfying to the heart.  Alas, the competition has gotten the better half of me.  No, I meant the ground, not the water.  I know what I said goddammit!  I try to keep my head above the dirt, not the fluid that holds me.  You seemed to be a beacon at long last.  A false instinct.  Away you go now.

No way

November 19, 2012


No Longer

November 12, 2012

Can I sleep without the aid.  It’s not the fault of anything or anyone.  I tried and I tried and I tire of trying.  The bones have gone from me. Now.  They go.  I worry about my roomate’s concussion.  I worry about the vomit that may come.  Will he die in his sleep?  Will I outmatch him?  God awful rest I receive from none of it.  The bones tend to disagree.  Get use to it!  I’ll never miss another step or another drink again.  It soothes all of my tomorrows and all of my todays.  My fist repeats the rhythm of sounds only a select few can hear.  I’m on my way out.  Bout time.  There is so much to finish!

It’s a Damn Shame

July 18, 2012

That we all don’t post on here often. None of us keep in touch often and we should. We’re a dying breed. Let’s start rowing.

– Ian

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